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Climate and Weather

hat patong phuket packagetour tour thailand traveler vacation hotel cheaphotelThailand’s tropical climate could best be described as hot all year round. In general, the climate is humid and temperatures vary from 27 to 36 degrees Celsius (80 -95 degrees Fahrenheit). Only the northern part of Thailand is a place where travelers can rest from the heat in cooler spots. There are three important matters that all travelers should take notice of:

-The coolest period of the year lasts from November to February. It is also a time when the rain is scarce, which makes this season the most popular among visitors to Thailand. There is no need to pack warm long-sleeved clothes, except for when embarking on hiking in the northern mountains, where temperatures at times might drop to 6 degrees. This period of time is commonly frequented by travelers from all over the world, therefore, booking accommodation in advance is highly recommended.

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- The hottest season lasts from March through June and the temperatures may exceed 40 degrees. It might be a great time to chill out with a drink on a beach, but not so good to go sightseeing in a big city like Bangkok.

 mountain northhotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel- The rainy season begins in July and lasts through October. However, the real monsoons come in September and hit all parts of Thailand. The rainy season does not mean that it is pouring down at all times and it does not usually turn into floods.

However, the cool, hot and rainy seasons are not constant throughout the country. There are regional variations, too. For example, the renowned Koh Samui has reversed rainy seasons.


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