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Festivals in Thailand

fireworks hotel thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetourThe festivals that have become popular in the world are also celebrated in Thailand. But not only them – Thailand is full of many cultural events throughout the year. The most outstanding is the Songkran water fight festival and the Loy Krathong, during which people float flowers and candles on rivers, canals and ponds. The major festivals in Thailand are enumerated below as they appear in time:

January: the New Year's Day, the Umbrella and handicrafts Fair in Chiang Mai District, the Chinese New Year (takes place on certain occasions in February).

February: the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, the Bangkok International film Festival.

March: the Makha Bucha Day; the get-together of more than a thousand monks to hear Buddha’s preaching; the Pattaya Music Festival lasting 3 days on the beach.

April: the Songkran Festival (Traditional Thai New Year Celebration) features everyday water fights and is a merry and joyous festival; the Pattaya Festival, during which people relish local cuisine.

May: the Rocket Festival (rural people ask gods for better crops), the Visakha Bucha Day (a UN World Heritage Day).

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June: the Hua Hin Jazz Festival, the Phi Ta Khon Festival in Loei Province (based on Buddha’s sermon, people put on grotesque masks on their faces for that festival).

July: the Khao Phalsa or Candle Festival (for the Buddhist Rain Retreat practiced by the monks).

August: the Queen's Birthday.

September: the Long Boat Races at Phichit, Phisanulok, and Narathiwat

October: the Vegetarian Festival (w week and two days without meat and alcohol, often celebrated in Phuket), the Chonburi buffalo races (fights of buffalo against man).

culture tour cheaphotel packagetour thailand travele vacation hotelNovember: the Loy Krathong Festival (in romantic settings with floating banana leafs embellished with candles and flowers), the Surin Elephant Round Up Show (to celebrate the importance of elephants in Thai people’s lives), the River Bridge Kwai Week (to commemorate the decease of the workers who built the bridge on the river)

December: H.M. the King's birthday, Phuket King's Regatta Cup (held every year, during which many races take place, followed by many parties).

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