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Thailand Geography

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Thailand is a truly Asian country, which rests in the very heart of Southeast Asia. The shape of Thailand resembles an elephant's head: the southern part reaching Malaysia resembles its trunk and the rest of the country is  elephant’s head, which is a fact, that many Thais are proud of, because they truly love their elephants, and elephant trekking is a  must do attraction for every traveler in the Kingdom.

The geography of Thailand is very diversified: the south of the country is characterized by a long coastline with many islands and fantastic beaches.The north of the country is home to subtropical jungles featuring abundant wildlife. Like many other countries in the region, Thailand lies along the majestic Mekong River, which is the mother river for Thailand, a major source of irrigation and drinkable water.

The area of Thailand covers more than half a million square kilometers, which makes the country 51st largest in the world, similar in size to Yemen. Located just north of equator, the country boasts a tropical climate: warm temperatures all year round, ranging on average between 18 to 37 degrees Celsius, and rainy season from May to November. The coldest temperatures occur between November and February, which is the most favorable season for travelers to visit Thailand.

suthep temple norththailand tour packagetour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotelThailand’s mountains rise mildly towards its western border with Myanmar. The highest peak, Doi Inthanon, stands at 2566 meters above the sea level. Apart from the west, there is another range of mountains in Thailand's north, which is famous for its abundance in wildlife as well as colorful hill tribes

With regards to Thailand's Northeastern part, the country is bordered by the great Mekong River, which separates the country from Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Next to the Mekong there is the Khorat Plateau, which spreads from the Thai – Cambodian border all the way up to the Thai – Lao frontier. This part of Thailand has the highest population in the country, with the exception of greater Bangkok, and is home to several major cities such as Korat, Khon Kaen or Udon Thani.

The interior part of Thailand is occupied by the Central Plains, which is famous for its rice fields. A big chunk of Asia's rice production comes precisely from this region. This is also the area where the Chao Phraya River flows, which eventually cuts through Bangkok, before flowing onward into the sea.

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The southern part of Thailand is located on the Malaysian Peninsula, which is formed in the shape of an elephant’s trunk. The Peninsula is located between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, making it an excellent location for beautiful white sand beaches on both shores and on the adjoining islands. In the past, there were important trading routes passing through the Malaysian Peninsula, however, nowadays both shores are occupied by thousands of beach and sun hungry travelers, with Phuket and Koh Samui being one of the main destinations.

Apart from geographic division of the country into various regions, Thailand is divided into 76 administrative provinces. Bangkok Metropolitan Region is the main one, and serves as the country's capital, as well as its biggest commercial and economic center.