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Money in Thailand

thai money bath thailand hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour vacation travelerThe legal tender currency in Thailand is the “Baht”, which is equal to  oneto one hundred Satang.  Thailand is primarily a cash-based economy, which means that it is preferable to pay by cash in many business outlets. However, it is very common to accept major international credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard at hotels and at some bigger tourist resorts as well as in large shopping malls. Hotels and banks often accept traveller’s travel checks, which are difficult to cash in at other locations.

There are 6 legal denominations types of Thai coins accepted as legal tender in Thailand: 25 and 50 Satang coins, usually of a small size and made of brass. These are the ones that are varyvery rarely used by tourists in Thailand, but it is worth to know they exist. The remaining coins are 1, 2, 5 and 10 Baht coins. They are of silver color, except for the 10-Baht coin, which is made of brass and has a silver ring around it.

thai-money-baht-closeup-thailand-traveler-hotel-cheaphotel-tour-packagetour-vacationThere are 6 types of bills used as legal tender in Thailand: 10 Baht bills are very rarely seen, as usage of 10 Baht coins prevails.  Other, frequently used bills are 20 Baht (green color), 50 Baht (blue), 100 Baht (red), 500 Baht (purple), and 1000 Baht (white). Coins and bills have a few variations, so it is possible that to you get confused on some occasions;, however, all these variations are a legal tender in Thailand. Every piece ofbill and coin  legal tender in Thailand has an image of the King of Thailand to show Him reverencerespect.  Therefore, it is advisable to treat Thai coins and bills with respect, not to offend other Thais. It is worthy to note, that stepping on bill to prevent it from being blown by wind is a great faux pass in Thailand.