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Thai Culture

festival thailand packagetour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tourReligion plays a very important role in Thai peoples’ lives. The major religion is Buddhism. Contrary to majority of other Southeast Asian countries, Thai people practice Theravada Buddhism, which has is much closer ties tied to hinduHindu culture than the predominant Buddhist thought spread in other Southeast Asian countries. The place of worship in Thailand is called wat, a type of Thai temple, distinctive by its characteristic multicolor, sharp roof adorned with cultural artifacts. YougYoung Thai males reside in temples complexes on short periods of time (about 12 weeks) serving their duty as monks.

Thai people stick to a long-standing tradition of placing so-called spirit houses near their homes or other buildings. Thai Thais people believe that spirit houses will keep the house or building safe from bad wicked spirits that may invade the dwelling. The larger the building, the larger the spirit house. Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is probably the most popular and the largest spirit house in Thailand. It is located in the Grand Hayatt Erawan Hotel, which was built in the middle of XX century.

festival hotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tourThailand is teeming with traditional arts, for instance the traditional Thai dancing, which is performed to the traditional Thai music. This usually takes place during religious ceremonies in Thailand. As for indigenous sports, perhaps the most widespread and popular is Thai boxing.

Other than central that, parts of Thailand can be divided to  regions withare home to their own respective cultures. The mountainous north is resided by hill tribes, while the very south of the country is home to Muslims. The Andaman Sea islands are home to a certain amount of indigenous people practicing their own cultural rites and ceremonies.