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Beaches and Islands

beach honey moon hotel thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetourCountless travelers flock to Thailand every year in search of exquisite beaches, turquoise and crystal clear water and the sun. Thailand’s coast has a natural, beautiful scenery, which instantly captures hearts of travelers. It would be impossible to enumerate all the scenic beaches, as plenty of them remain undiscovered by tourists travelling in Thailand. Among the popular beach resorts are: Karon Beach and Patong Bay in Phuket, Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui and the exquisite Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi.

Thailand’s beach diversity draws all kindsof tourists. The Andaman Sea coast appeals to all sorts of travelers. Backpackers enjoy spending time on Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Krabi. Khao Lak is especially preferred by families. It is also a starting point for farther trips to Similan Islands, which boast exquisite and natural scenery. All islands lie in the south of Thailand, and some of them are remote and unexplored yet. No matter which island or which beach travelers decide to spend time on, every person feels like they are touching a piece of paradise on the earth.

The Gulf of Thailand has some naturally scenic beaches and islands with exquisite waters. In the southern part of Thailand, there is a great number of beach resorts often frequented by scuba diving lovers. The most popular place is Koh Samui, however the best place for scuba diving is the nearby Koh Tao. Other than that, travelers are usually enchanted by stunning landscapes of Koh Phangan. Typically, Thais often choose to spend a relaxing weekend in Hua Hin and a quieter Cha Am, both of which are within Bangkok’s proximity. The north of the Gulf is also home to Koh Samet and the new Koh Chang resort, with posh hotels as well as inexpensive bungalows.

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More remote islands such as Koh Tarutao, are magnet for backpackers seeking more basic experience and unexplored beaches. The facilities on the island are rudimentary and accommodation is scarce. On the other hand, a traveler desiring to engulf oneself in a more luxurious environment, the Kamala Beach on the Phuket Island is the choice. This resort offers sophisticated facilities and international standard hotel base to cater to all traveler’s needs and requests. The diversity of facilities is noticeable on the very beach itself. Next to upscale hotels and posh restaurants, inexpensive hostels and bungalows can be found as well.

Phuket is a very famous destination among travelers in Thailand. It is the largest island in Thailand and has a lot to offer to all tourists pouring into the country. It is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea. It offers a diversity of hotels, from upscale ones to budget, variety of restaurants and street food vendors, bustling markets, scenic beaches and epic nightlife. Apart from these, there are also many quite havens, where tourists can take a rest from the bustling beach resorts. Patong Bay is by far the most famous beach on Phuket, however, many families also enjoy visiting Karon and Kata beaches. Being the largest island in Thailand, the interior of the island offers exotic wildlife, which can be admired by choosing to book one of the vast varieties of organized day trips. Right next to Phuket, there is the scenic island of Koh Phi Phi, a paradise for scuba divers, and the nearby Phang Nga is an excellent place for snorkeling and kayaking. Visitors often pilgrimage to the famous James Bond Island, officially named Koh Tapu. Accessing the Phuket Island is very easy, as there is an international airport, with direct flights from Bangkok, Chiang Mai and even as far as Frankfurt in Germany among other places.

beach island cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotelOn the Gulf of Thailand, there is the famous Koh Samui, which is a favorite destination for thousands of travelers in Thailand. Featuring the Samui International Airport, it is easy to access it from other metropolis such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and a number of cities outside of Thailand. The island boasts a variety of hotels, from inexpensive bungalows to posh resorts. The most popular beach is Chaweng, with plenty of seafood barbeques right on the beach, as well as more expensive international cuisine restaurants. There are plenty of activities offered on the island, which makes it a family-friendly holiday environment.. The island is generally affordable for regular backpackers and families.

On the Andaman coast, there is the scenic province of Krabi, a slice of paradise on earth. Some of the most fascinating beach resorts are located in Krabi. A must go for travelers is the famous Railey Beach, and the scenic islands of Phi Phi and Lanta, which is also a heaven for scuba-diving lovers.