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Flora and Fauna in Thailand

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Thailand’s fauna and flora draws attention from all travelers worldwide. The vast diversity of animals and plants in Thailand is truly stunning. This is partly due to Thailand’s geography: the land between two oceans on the Malaysian Peninsula, numerous islands, plans in the central part of the country, the vast Mekong river and mountains covered by jungles in the north.

A large proportion of Thailand’s area is covered by agricultural land. In spite of this fact, the northern part of Thailand is occupied by jungle. There are different kinds of forests in Thailand, with monsoon forest and rainforest being the leading ones. The first contain a lot of hardwood trees, which shed their leaves at certain parts of the year to save water. The teak is the most useful hardwood in Thailand.

Certain parts of Thailand are covered with the always green rainforest. Nevertheless, trees like bamboo, coconut palms or banana trees can be found all over the country. In Thailand’s sea area, the traveler can find not only the rainforest, but also mangroves and rattan forests.

nature cheaphotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotel tourThe national flower of Thailand is orchid. This flower is predominant in all regions of Thailand, and gives a special meaning to the scenery that a traveler encounters in Thailand. There are almost thirty thousand types of orchid in Thailand.  Apart from orchid, many other kinds of flowers are in abundance.

Thousands of travelers pilgrimage to Thailand every day to taste the country’s exotic wildlife. Animal’s natural environment has certainly been encroached on too many occasions in the recent years, however, areas where they can be seen in wild still remain, albeit in national parks. The most renowned is the Thai Elephant. One thousand of them reside at Thailand’s national parks. Apart from beloved by everyone elephant, there are other animals such as gibbon, monkey, sheep, goat, oxen, tapirs, tigers, hogs, and snakes to name just a few. In the water habitat numerous crocodiles, lizards and turtles can be found.

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Lastly, Thailand is home to almost one thousand of bird species, which are indigenous to Thailand or take Thailand as their migration destination. Sam Roi Yot National Park and Khao Sok are the right destinations for bird watching lovers. The park is home to 6 species of hornbill.