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temple traveler tour packagetour traveler hotel cheaphotel thailandBangkok lies in the tropical climate zone with frequent monsoons. It is considered to be the city with some of the highest temperatures compared to other cities on the globe. At similar height as Manila, Bangalore or Guinea-Bissau, travelers in Bangkok encounter almost identical, warm weather temperature, also similarly high humidity. Some foreign visitors loves to have a vacation in Bangkok due to its weather.

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March, April and May is the highest temperature season in Bangkok, with daily average exceeding 39 degrees Celsius (more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit). During that very season, the Songkran holiday (Thai New Year) is celebrated by splashing water against each other for a few days, which is happily adopted by all tourists, travelers and backpackers. To hot season is bestowed with regular rainfalls, to the joy of tourists yearning for a shelter from the scaring sun. It is also possible to get relieve in numerable swimming pool bars, shopping malls, top floor bars, or by taking a cruise on the river.

rain street night traveler cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand vacation hotelMost convenient season for taking a vacation in Bangkok is December and January, when the temperatures are not so hot, bearable for tourist from Europe or North America, and the rainfall is rather rare. With the temperatures oscillating about 20 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit), it is very pleasurable to walk through Bangkok touring its famous sites.

May through October is considered to be Bangkok’s low season. However, it is an ideal time for travelers to take advantage of discounts on hotels and tour sales, which may be even 50% off. This period is characterized by hot weather and frequent rains, which might disappoint sea enthusiasts, nevertheless, travelers are pleased with the multitude of indoor activities that Bangkok has in offer, e.g. multi-entertainment sites, malls, aquariums, traditional markets, massage lounges and temples to name just a few. The monsoon season features overnight rains, short but heavy showers, sporadic blue skies, and common cloudy weather without heavy rainfall.\

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