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Emerald Buddha

grand palace wat phra kaew bangkok packagetour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tour thailandThe Temple of the Emerald Buddha (The Wat Phra Kaew in Thai, with Wat meaning a Buddhist temple), located in the old city not far from the Grand Palace, is deemed as Thailand’s most important, in terms of sanctity, Buddhist temple. It has a significant and symbolic meaning to the Thai society, being a religious and political landmark of Thailand. If a travel agency in Thailand does not put this temple in their itinerary, then something is not right at all.

It is truly an enchanting temple with a history so profound.

The central part of the structure comprises the Emerald Buddha. Historically linked to India, after reaching Nirvana the Lord Buddha became eventually worshipped at the temple at the end of the 18th century, when Rama I was in throne. Enshrining the Buddha went down in history as the rise of the Chakri Dynasty, whose Kings rule Thailand till present day. The Emerald Buddha is a carving from a sole dark green jade stone. Typical for the Lanna school from the north of the country, the Buddha takes a meditating stance. No traveler or any other person is allowed to touch the Buddha, except for the Thai King, who sets the attached cloak three times a year (during the summer, winter and the rainy period), a kind of rite meant to bring good luck to Thailand all year round.

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