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Grand Palace

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Serving as the main residence of the Kings of Thailand, the Grand Palace, comprised of a set of buildings, is a must-see of every person going for a vacation in Thailand. The palace was erected in the 18th century by the King Rama I, after he moved capital from Thonburi across the river to the present location. With the course of time, the palace experienced expansion of its structure. Nevertheless, the current King of Thailand does not reside in the palace; instead, he made his home at the Chitralada Palace.

Grand Palace is a very significant symbol not just for the locals but also for the foreign visitors, after all each and every travel agency in Thailand has it on their itinerary.

Also at the dawn of the 18th century, the tower of gold was erected. Initially consisting of a wooden structure protected with elevated walls, which are roughly 2 kilometers long, the area contains more than 200’000 square meters. Once build, the another landmark was constructed – the Emerald Buddha – serving as the King’s place for religious contemplation. The first coronation ceremony in the palace took place in 1785, upon its completion. Nowadays it’s a frequently toured site by a mosaic of travelers from all parts of the world. If tourist don't visit Grand Palace, it's like missing a huge part on their vacation in Thailand.

The blueprint of the Grand Palace resembles the one of the ancient palace in Ayutthaya – the square shape, the river by the west side, the east side occupied by the king’s shrine, with other buildings arranged to the north. Outer, middle and inner sectors, divide the palace into three main parts.

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