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chonburi buffalos racing cheaphotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotel tourEastern Thailand consists of 400 km long coastline from Chonburi and Pattaya to Rayong, Chantaburi and Trat. In addition, the coves, bays and beaches of Eastern Thailand are popular for fresh seafood and local spicy cuisine as well as exotic fruits. The archeological digging at Phanat Nikhom and Bo Thong districts of Chonburi suggest history of Eastern Thailand to be some 2,000 years old. During 11th to 16th centuries AD, Dvaravati society with influential Indian religious and artistic impact organized their refuge in Eastern Thailand. Set up generally in the area of Chonburi and Chantaburi, Dvaravati people had precise bond with Dvaravati society of Central Thailand.

Various antique monuments of Khmer designs were uncover from Chantaburi and Trat proposing that this city was at one time part of the ancient Khmer Empire. One of valuable tourist hubs in Eastern Thailand isChantaburi, also recognized, as Muang Chan. Flourishing with natural riches like fruits, gems and sea commodity, Chantaburi or the 'City of the Moon' has perform an essential part in the history of Thailand. With generous unrefined glamour and artificial enchantment, Chantaburi sees many tourists. It is 245 km from Bangkok and 110 km from Rayong.

pattaya night beach cheaphotel hotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacationChonburi situated on the Eastern Coast of Thailand is perhaps the closest beach haven from Bangkok. Chonburi has arisen as a leading weekend journey for the city people staying in Bangkok or close by places. Visitors can explore Chonburi province that provides to visitors:, amazing beaches, nightlife, water sport activities, and delectable fresh seafood. Rayong, at a range of 180 km from Bangkok, has rapidly developed as an astonishing beach resort on the eastern coast of Thailand. With a coastline extending 100 km, Rayong has abundant of striking beaches, consist consisting of:, Ban Phe, Suan Son Pine Park and Suan Wang Kaew.

Rayong city is abundant in sea riches agricultural goods and industrial products. Pattaya is an amazingly appealing beach resort with crystal azure waters, and many shoreline islands within a range of 45 kilometers beginning from Si Racha in the north to Sattahip in the south. Pattaya is rich  in corals and its subaquatic life has captivating diving spots. Visitors can go to Pattaya from Bangkok by various kinds of conveyance. With marvelous accommodation, restaurants of international standards, good foundations and an array of entertainment areas, Pattaya fascinate tourists from all over the world.

floatin market pattaya cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotelPattaya shapes a valuable part of Thailand’s tourism. Annually, it arranges festivals and shows that draw attention to profuse visitors together with friends, families and loved ones. The hotels in Pattaya are normally fully booked for most of the time. Therefore, visitors are advised to remember about making a reservation before going to Pattaya.

The Chonburi Province Yearly Festival started in 1932. Arranged by the community of Chonburi, the festivals connect other events like Puttha Sihing, Songkran and the Red Cross Fair and conjoin all of them into one festival. In the mid of the month of April, the celebrations of bathing the images of Buddha and getting the Pra Puttha Sihing Buddha image in a cavalcades . begin. Water pouring for the elders, folk games, classical masked dances or Khon, presentations and cultural renditions, these are must see for the visitors of Chonburi.

The purpose of Chonburi Province Yearly Festival is in protecting, saving the tradition and duties together with putting in the youths the meaning and value in the cultural traditions of the land. Chonburi is near to Pattaya and people unite in time of the celebrations in these yearly events.
Pattaya is a part of the Chonburi Province and in addition for momentous festival of Chonburi is the buffalo race. The race starts during October and is one of the much promising festivals of Chonburi. Dressed in silk and satin, water buffaloes are put in line, so they can be judged for the best-dressed and healthiest buffalo of the group. Visitors and people all over Thailand and nearby countries come to watch the occurrence of Buffalo race. It is happening at the same part of year as famous beauty contest is also held to search for the alluring ‘farm maiden’. About 165 km southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is situated on the northeastern bank of Thailand. It needs around 2.5 hours of driving by car or bus to be in the city from Bangkok. This unpopulated and natural fishing village became a city on its very own later after the Vietnam War in 1961.