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The southern region of Thailand is situated between the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Thailand of the Pacific Ocean to the west. The south consisting of 14 provinces covers an area of about 70,715 square kilometers. The famous islands of Phuket, Samui, Phi Phi, Krabi and Phangnga are located in the southern part of Thailand.

south culter vacation thailand traveler hotel cheaphotel tour packagetourWith diverse topography extending from concave areas for development of land destined for growing of paddy and vegetables, wild jungles, mountains, beaches, seaside resorts, waterfalls, caves, lakes, beaches and peninsula of all sizes, the Southern islands provide an astonishing surroundings. The south has two rainy seasons, which occur from May to September is the southwest monsoon time, bringing large amounts of rains to the west coast of the region (Phuket). November to February is the northeast monsoon period that brings also large amount of rains to the east coast, to those regions south of Chumporn province.

south lifevacation packagetour thailand traveler hotel cheaphotel tourThe southern region is covered with tropical thick rainforests. Nevertheless, the unspoiled attractiveness that made southern region popular is in its abundant beaches and islands, which spread out all over the region. The tourism escalades in the south and throughout the last two decades has contributed to rapid evolutions of accommodations and facilities that cater to tourists and visitors. Travelers can find anything from five-star luxury resorts to budget bungalow buildings or even camping sites. If you prefer the southern region of Thailand as your upcoming travel itinerary, prepare yourself to have lots of fun at one of many options of water sports, which the southern region can provide to all tourist and visitors, varying from: scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, yachting, cruising and a lot more you can imagine.

With abundant tourist destinations in the south, the foundation to make it more accessible for people going to their destinations has sprang up more in recent years. Travel by air is the best form of transportation to the south. Tourist can land there via Bangkok airport. Numerous international airlines provide many direct flights from their origin country to the south of Thailand, particularly to Phuket and Samui islands. Low cost journey can be attained by public bus or trains.