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chantaburi hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacationPopular for its great amount of tropical fruits and as a focal point for precious stone mining excavations, the eastern province of Chanthaburi is at the same time fortunate with affluent, loaded, lush flourishing forests, and breathtaking waterfalls. The Chanthaburi River is flowing through the provincial capital. Harmonious fishing villages and serene beaches are short distance from the town, appointing Chantaburi as great escapement from the hustle and bustle of city life, where one can enjoy the tranquility of Thailand province.

It is a very ideal destination for anyone who wants a quiet vacation in Thailand.

The French took over Chanthaburi, the capital town of the province adjoining Cambodia to the east, during the 19th century. Their domination can be distinguished in the structures and arrangements of many buildings throughout Chanthaburi town, consisting of the largest Catholic cathedral, which is presently attended by large Christian population, many of whom came from ethnic Vietnamese, who immigrated to Thailand in the 20th century.

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Main attractions:

The Catholic Church Chanthaburi
The biggest Catholic structure in Thailand was, constructed in 1909. Designed of medieval architectonic arrangements, the original skyscraping roof was carried off in the event of the World War II, in order to make it not easily spotted as a desirable target.

Hat Ao Yang Beach
Hat Ao Yang is a small beach within two kilometers before the park. Chilly and overshadowed, it provides accommodation rentals and amenities for all visitors. Hat Khung Wiman, Hat Khung Kraben, Hat Laem Sadet and Hat Chao Lao. These are all calm and undisturbed beaches in Tha Mai district, assembled in an area of about 30 kilometers from the town. At 310 km of Highway No. 3, it is a right turn into Highway No. 3399 that leads to the destination. On the other hand, one can continue from Tha Mai district on the avenue that progresses through Wang Tanot dam. There are accommodation amenities available for tourists, specifically at Hat Chao Lao, where various hotels and bungalows are located. Barely one kilometer away from the shoreline outside of Hat Chao Lao is variety of superficial water coral reefs wrapping an area of 14 square kilometers. Glass-bottomed boats are available for use.

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Hat Laem Sing  Beach
The beach is covered with pine trees spread along the whole shore, and freshen by continuous soothing of light winds. There are small retail establishments for food, shops and boats available for a cost. If visitors want to explore the two nearby small islands, the Koh Chula and Koh Nom Sao, the journey takes about 30 minutes to one hour.

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