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koh kood beach hotel thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetourThe most famous Ko Chang’s adjacent island is Koh Kood. Located to the south, the island lacks development and for that reason it is perfect. A moderately smooth island, practically fully covering the whole with native forest or coconut and rubber plantations, Koh Kood has a number of immaculate beaches with crystalline waters. Koh Kood is situated close by the Cambodian border and therefore has a traditional mixed population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants. The island is gradually changing over, from restricted orchard and fishing areas to a developing tourism industry. Hotel owners on Koh Kood aim to attract the attentions and captivate the minds of the middle and upper class Thai customers, who are  attracted to the island’s alluring beauty and calmness. It is another ideal paradise getaway for a vacation in Thailand.

Regardless of being the fourth biggest island in Thailand, Koh Kood is famous for being a natural part of tropical paradise. Situated in Trat Province, Koh Kood is the southernmost of the Koh Chang island series. With outstanding beaches and small other ground works, it is a resort place that suits perfectly to visitors searching for a serene beach haven, that have fine sand, crystalline water, and many more.

Our travel agency in Thailand gives Koh Kood a 5 out of 5 for being just simply gorgeous.

Everyone feels simply relaxed on this island, whose natural environments and unhurried, laid-back local everyday life are the famous attractions. Snorkeling or discovering the island’s beaches and forests are favorite activities for many adventurers, whereas boat journey to close by islands and places of interest, along with scuba diving, are other popular choices. A small fishing village, situated at Ao Salat on the Northeast of the island offers an alternative to discover and feel the island’s culture.

Main Attractions:

Khao Rearub
Its unspoiled physical characteristics are very much alike to 3 boats that are set next to another, creating a small hill. Inexplicably enough, a small statue of a Thai naval officer is positioned high on top of the compositions.

Ban Ao Saladkoh kood hotel vacation cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler
Additional attraction on the island is the Ban Ao Salad. A fishing village is exceeding 80 years. It is composed of 80 houses, occupied by Thai and Cambodian commonalities, most of which come from the Koh Kong province in Cambodia. In the past times, it used to be a secret place for Vietnamese and Chinese scoundrel, but nowadays, it is the seafood paradise of the island.

Klong Chao Waterfall
The popular Klong Chao Waterfall is located at a great distance, in the middle of Ao Klong Chao and Ao Tapow, on the southern part of Ban Klong Mad. This is an outstanding medium-sized waterfall with a huge pool in front. It is best known waterfall in the province. Approximately 20-minute boat travel from the Klong Chao Bay and a short hike leads to the fall. As a choice, visitors can hike up the 4-km trail that will take relatively 10 minutes. In 1911, Klong Chao Waterfall had been visited by King Mongkut (King Rama VI) and was acknowledged the royal name of ‘Anamkok Waterfall’ to honor Ong Chiang Lue, theVietnamese king taking asylum in the Kingdom of Thailand during administrations of King Rama I, in the late 18th century.

Furthermore, an amazing creation of nature is the Tonsai Yak, a tree exceeding age of a hundred years, so big and huge that it will take bunch of people with hands holding each other to surround its trunk.  Two of the most astonishing islands nearby to the shores of Koh Kood are Koh Mai Si Lek and Koh Raet. The two are small islands of coconut trees, beautiful beaches, healthy corals and fascinating sunset spot.

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