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Koh Chang

Presently served by an airport located approximately 15 minutes away from the central ferry stations in Trat, Koh Chang is much more conveniently reachable than before. Koh Chang’s immaculately beaches and blue water are truly marvelous. Many Thais and international adventurers have been exploring Koh Chang and its enormous luxuriant spas and resorts, which have mushroomed to provide for visitors. Nevertheless, the island is an always aspiring destination for inexpensive adventurers and families, with huge assortments of competitive cost of living quarters and innumerable, magnificent and unruffled beaches encompassed by crystalline water. Koh Chang is a fun-tastic place to have a vacation in Thailand.

The amount of tourists and local visitors has greatly increased, specifically within the well off Thais. Koh Chang has an outstanding dense jungle and excellent beaches. Moreover the island is simultaneously home to a huge array of wildlife, involving native birds, snakes, deer, and elephants. In regards to activities at, Koh Chang and the close by islands that formulate the national park, all of them are perfect for snorkeling, diving, camping, plus jungle hiking and exploring.

Tourist lodges at Haad Sai Khao, Haad Kai Mook, Haad Ta Nam, and Laem Bang Bao are all connected by a single road going down the west coast. Our travel agency in Thailand can prepare good and affordable packages for those travelers in budget-mode.

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Main attractions:

Koh Chang Noi
Located off Koh Chang's northern Laem Chang headland, this diminutive island encircled by luminous waters, where visitors can have a close encounters with corals attract visitors for spectacular snorkeling activities.

Koh Man Nok-Man Nai
This tiny island fronting the Kai Bae Beach has superficial coastal waters exposed and great amount of corals.

Koh Phrao
Located in Salak Petch Bay, south of Koh Chang, this island is covered with super abundant coconut palms.

Ko Lao Ya
This island bundle, specifically Ko Lao Ya Nai, Koh Lao Ya Klang and Kok Lao Ya Nok, is located south of the Ko Chang Naval Battle area. The island has great beaches, translucent waters and kaleidoscopic corals.

Koh Ngam
Positioned east of Koh Lao Ya, the two islands are connected by a sandbank. A tranquil destination that is perfect for a welcome getaway.

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South of Koh Lao Ya, this island is very famous for its boulder coves, and powdery sand beaches as well as some untouched coral reefs.

Koh Rang
Koh Rang is located southernmost, in the marine national park. The island is a dwelling place of birds' nest yielding. Outstanding sub-aquatic surroundings consist of hillocks and deep-water coral.

Primary islands to the south of Koh Chang Marine National Park:

Koh Kut
For now, the second biggest island to Koh Chang and in the area. Approximately 4 hours by ferry from Laem Ngop, the island's main tourist destinations are the Khlong Chao or Than Sanuk Waterfall, and a local resort.

Koh Mak
Positioned at northwest of Koh Kut, this extensive island is distinguished for its far-reaching coconut palm plantations plus amazing beaches and bays.

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Koh Khradat
Stationed at northeast of Kok Kut, particularly 2 to 3 hours from Laem Ngop Pier, this island is specifically valuable and well known for the white beach wrapping the island, and multicolored coral formations arrangements in coastal waters.

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