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Khon Kaen

mounthain hotel thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetourKhon Kaen is the economic and business area as well as the political center point of Northeastern Thailand. It is distinguished for the excellent quality and varieties of silk which are generated in this province. Situated in the heart of Isan, Thailand’s northeast region, Khon Kaen has been one of the rapidly blooming places in Thailand. The Thai governments designated and chose Khon Kaen as the exportation market center for distributions all around the places of Indo-China Region, and likewise with Laos and Vietnam, both of which embassy or government offices in Khon Kaen to acknowledge visa applications. Khon Kaen is, the hometown of the biggest university in the northeast. The Khon Kaen University is the leading point of education and technology.

Trips to Khon Kaen are usually not on the main advertisements of a travel agency in Thailand but it is one of those hidden treasures of the country that must be explored.

 A superior fundamental part of local knowledge, involving the creations and fabrications of silk is in Amphoe Chonnabot,. Outstanding Mudmee Silk is carefully and precisely woven by hand using a special method of tie-dye proficiency. Khon Kaen characteristics are the same with individual pleasure, established and put together; an exquisite eateries and fashionable, vogue hotels, alluring environments, consisting of animal parks and range of wonderful and impressive national parks.

Furthermore, to accommodate several outstanding and amazing historical and archaeological sites, Khon Kaen is a perfect destination to observe the creations and manufacturing of Mudmee Silk or take a part in outdoor activities and happenings within one of its various animal conserves or national parks.

Main attractions:

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Ubolratana Dam
Ubolratana dam is the biggest multi-purpose dam in the Northeast. The dam is beyond the Phong River at the passageway connecting Phu Kao and Phu Phan mountains. The illustrations and vista at the dam is wonderful and marvelous. Tourists frequently visit the place to behold the magnificent beauty of the lake, taste the local cousin, consisting of the popular grilled fish, well known in this place.

Phu Wiang National Park
This national park consistently awakens the awareness of tourists about the dinosaurs. Doubtlessly, no one had previously ever imagined and thought dinosaurs once inhabited the Isan plateau

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