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chiang mai panda hotel traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetour thailandThailand’s “Rose of the North” is a cultural and unspoiled utopia with cultural distinctions, a great number of attractions, and offering great hospitality. Chiang Mai is one of the destinations in Thailand containing both the historical and contemporary Thai culture synchronized next to each other. The city attributes contain of the centuries-old chedis and temples next to the modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. This diversity is best admired from the canals surrounding the old city. The city walls equipped with four gates serving as entrance points were initially built as protection to the former Lanna capital city.

Oddly, for countless years tourists had not appreciated Chiang Mai, treating it strictly as starting point for trekking, rafting, trips to hill tribe villages and to uncover neighboring provinces. Nevertheless, many tourists were astonished to discover that Chiang Mai offers more than its beautiful temples. This makes their vacation in Thailand more dynamic.

Interesting ethnic tribes, a bunch of elephant camps, cooking & massage schools, profuse outdoor activities, handicrafts workshops, hybrid cultural performances, and awe-inspiring vista make Chiang Mai one of Asia’s most captivating tourist destinations. The remark "a day in Chiang Mai is sufficient to see things throughout town" used to be a common statements in the past. Presently, two weeks in Chiang Mai is perhaps not long enough for travelers to unfold all that Chiang Mai has to offer. Usually a travel agency in Thailand offers awesome tour packages with the activities mentioned above.

chiang mai waterfalls cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotelThe traditional city of Chiang Mai demonstrates of the north’s captivating indigene ethnic groups that consists of various languages, a delicious cuisine, unique architecture, traditional ethical values, energetic festivals, various handicrafts workshops, northern techniques of massage, and classical dances. Chiang Mai is attractive  and charisma charismatic along with stylish indulgence and satisfactions.
Moreover, above old temples and few excellent shopping opportunities, Chiang Mai also features clean and pure unspoiled wealth composed of mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. The emergence of many hill tribes provides a richness of various cultures and builds up Chiang Mai’s extraordinary assortments. Hill tribe trekking, commonly connected with river rafting and elephant riding is normally Chiang Mai’s number one superlative tourist attractions. At this moment, there are uncountable events and attractions throughout the city and in the enclosed province, consisting of massage instruction and golf.

Furthermore, visitors can stopover at the workshops where they can have knowledge about making products including silk or silver, and acquiring memorable, hand crafted souvenirs. Accompanying an assorted array of attractions and proportionately excellent choices of dining and accommodation options, Chiang Mai is a destination that backpackers and at the same time luxurious tourists can take a pleasure with the perfect vacation in Thailand.

Main attractions:

Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang shelters the grand chedi in Chiang Mai. The temple is situated right in the center of the city and constructed during the administrations of King Saen Mueang Mak, the seventh king of Mengrai Dynasty. The 98-metre tall and 54-metre wide chedi was assembled under the power of King Tilokkarat. The creation was accomplished in 1481.  In 1545, the chedi fall apart because of earthquake during the King Jiraprapa’s administration.  The chapel in front was erected by Chao Khun Uba Lee Poramacharn (Sirichantathera) and Chao Kaeo Navarat in 1928. The building has a brilliant serpent walk path from the entryway of the chapel to its door on both sides. Many consider it to be a perfect man made serpents in the northern Thailand.

Wat Chiang Man
King Mengrai, establisher of Chiang Mai, constructed the oldest temple in Chiang Mai town, the Wat Chiang Man in 1296. The temple is popular for its Lanna-designed chedi bolstered by sequence of elephant-shaped support and an archaic, precious, and priceless Buddha image called Phra Kaeo Khao. Wat Chiang Man is located away Ratchapakhinai Road in the northeast corner of the old city.

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Wat Phra Sing
Wat Phra Sing, situated on Sam Lan Road is a place of the revered Phra Phutthasihing Buddha image replica subduing Mara. The Buddha image is now considered as sacred in Viharn Lai Kham. In times of the Songkran festival, each April 13-15, people cavalcade the most holy Buddha image around Chiang Mai town for traditional bathing.
Previously, this place was called Wat Li Chiang Market, until 1345, King Pa Yu, and the fifth king of Mengrai Dynasty demanded to build a 24-feet chedi including his father’s ashes. The temple complex consist of the beautiful Viharn Lai Kham presenting finely detailed woodcarvings and northern-designed landscape paintings, a wonderful sacred repository with spectacular bas relief, and a rounded stupa (in Lankan bell shape).

phra that doi suthep north hotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tourWat Phra That Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is the most valuable and apparent notable sight, overseeing the city from its wooded mountain surroundings. This temple is 15 kilometers away from town, 3,520 feet beyond sea level, and dates from 1383. Tourist can move towards the temple by foot and escalade an extreme direction at the Naga staircase consisting of 290 steps. The less lively and tired tourist may proceed by railcars. The temple’s pagoda accommodates holy Buddha antiquity and draws the attentions of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world throughout entire year. The temple complex provides an inspiring and refreshing vista of Chiang Mai city and encompassing countryside.

babypanda chaing mai zoo traveler thailand vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetourChiang Mai Zoo
Chiang Mai Zoo situated next to Huai Kaeo Arboretum.  A properly maintained large zoo acquires the lower wooded slopes of Doi Suthep Mountain. The zoo shelters more than 200 kinds of Asian and African mammals and birds. The well-known big shot here is a couple of pandas, a sign of friendship from the Chinese ambassador. The zoo offers monorail service throughout the area of 2 kms. Moreover, the twilight zoo is open 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. The newly opened aquarium holds the longest underwater automatic tunnel of Asia. With 133 meters and at the same time will shelter both sea and river fish and animal from various areas.

Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon National Park is a skyscraping mountain of Thailand reaching as high as 2,599 meters above the sea level.  Doi Inthanon is a division of the Himalayas, that extent beyond Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and ends at Northern Thailand. Abstruse Mountain has a gentle climate with a moist and compressed forest. Doi Inthanon is very fascinating for ornithologists.  The mountain’s woods are the point of source of valuable rivulet of the Mae Ping River.  Meo and Karen hill tribes take up residence in the park. Coming around Doi Inthanon is attainable during the whole year. The perfect time for visiting the waterfalls is May through November.  The ideal time for seeing wild flowers is December through February.  The excellent viewing for ornithologists is November through March.

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Kat Dara Market
The marketplace is a portion of the Oriental Dara Tewi Hotel, situated on the Chiang Mai, San Kamphaeng Road.  It wraps approximately 1,500 sq m of ground, filled with business space and shops.  Various stores within the roads assembled in the cute wooden structures, designed in the style of the ancient Lanna Kingdom of Northern ThailandThe apparent exhibit of Lan Chang architecture from Laos and Northern Thailand is, an incomparable and beautiful design of wooden houses, along with other constructions similar to Sip Song Pan Na manner from Southern Yunnan or else in Burmese Mandalay fashion.

Bizarre, extraordinary shops sell local goods consisting of silk and other cloths, decorations and crafts, along with duplicate or imitations of antiques.  Tourists will encounter photo studios providing costumes and landscapes from Lanna, and bring home fascinating photos of them fooling around in the blast from the past in full costume.  The market has many restaurants, food stalls and bakeries, along with space for outdoor activities. For a relaxing break, look for a cute little pavilion besides a pool or garden, or take a walk within the gentle paths, shadowed by serene Lanna music.  Overall, the bazaar offers energetic ambience spiced with Lanna traditions and design, mixed with luxuriously into the unspoiled surroundings.

Ban Hmong Mae Sa Mai
This Hmong village has maintained its uncomplicated but brilliant traditions and style of living. Tourist can reach the village by taking a left turn after passing 12 kilometers and going for another 7 afterwards. Please take a note that only four-wheel vehicles in reliable condition can make the land trip. Within the route, tourist can stopover to view the resorts that are open to visitors, compose of Mae Sa Valley, Mae Sa Resort (provides a 9-hole golf course), and Kangsadan Farm.

San Kamphaeng  
San Kamphaeng, situated 13 kilometers east of Chiang Mai town, is well- known for silk and cotton-weaving village.  Many of the Chiang Mai’s tourists visit San Kamphaeng for souvenirs that are in good quality and reasonable prices. The village highlights a weaving factory along with a weaving process. Going from Chiang Mai to San Kamphaeng, you will see factories and souvenir shops that vend woodcarving, silverware, earthenware, lacquer ware, and cotton fabrics.

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