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wat perm chiang rai north thailand traveler packagetour tour cheaphotel vacation hotelIn the peaceful nearby neighborhood of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is a region of excellent refined beauty, in which place visitors searching to back out from the crowds want to explore secluded hill tribes, encounter unusual wildlife, and catch a glimpse of the golden triangle, once the heart of the world’s opium trade.

An increasing number of travelers on vacation in Thailand have Chiang Rai jot down on their list of must-see. Thailand tour packages always have it on their itineraries.

Chiang Rai has been occupied since the 7th century, although it was not just before 1262 when King Meng Rai founded it as the pioneering capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The capital was transferred to Chiang Mai afterwards and thus Chiang Rai has stayed off the beaten track in the screen of its surrounding province; however, for tourists this is a favorable thing.

At present, Chiang Rai is a traveler’s haven, giving large contributions to profuse unspoiled attractiveness and antiquities. Activities vary from ruins of antediluvian habitations and Buddhist shrines to breathtaking mountain panoramas and hill tribe villages. For particular, people are fascinated by the natural side of Chiang Rai and, jungle trekking is a bewitching happening. It is great to discover the mountains of the north from the different hiking paths as, all of them have means of entry to the villages of various hill tribes groups; most of which conserved their traditional style of living. This gives foreign travelers a closer look at nature on their vacation in Thailand.

chiang dao elephant camp hotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tourChiang Rai town is likely to be a slightly more relaxed than it's more well-known nearby surroundings and presently emulates with Chiang Mai as a tourist destination and is rapidly appropriated in a famous getaway for tourists desiring to breakaway their anxieties behind.

Chiang Rai, the previous capital of the great Lanna Kingdom, is a magnificent province abundant with cultural and unspoiled creations of natures, consisting of the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos, and Burma amalgamate. The place is the heart of opium production. The opium market had many connections on cultural proceedings and way of living. Chiang Rai restrained the tourist bombsight for several years. The people are taking the pleasure in a relaxed manner, improvements and generally traditional rural way of living. At present, whole families in rural areas stay together in bamboo houses and every each of the villages has its particular distinctive individuality.

In recent time, tourism has proliferated in Chiang Rai, where travelers arrive to uncover the untarnished well kept and extremely pleasant countryside and captivating people in the inherited culture, consisting of native hill tribe localities. Luckily, for tourists, Chiang Rai is likewise a capital for community enhancement projects, assisting rural villagers to establish their tourist attractions without negatively touching and harming their unspoiled and cultural treasures.

Main attractions:

Some of our Thailand tour packages includes the following:

Wat Phra Sing
Wat Phra Sing is situated on Sam Lan road near the town hall and has ,a major Buddha statue. The Phra Buddha Sihing with an exceptional characteristic is the Lanna-designed Ubosot and the wooden door layers carved by Chiang Rai state of the art are considered sacred in Chiang Mai. Wat Phra Sing is one of the valuable destinations where Songkran Festivals are being held every year from the 13th to 15th April. The tradition bathing commemorations in respect to Phra Phutthasihing Buddha image also takes place here.

Wat Rong Khun
Wat Rong Khun is famous as the White Temple. Considering that many temples in the area are countless centuries old, this astonishing place of worship was constructed not long ago. It is the accomplishments created by Thailand’s distinguished artist, Mr Chalermchai Kositpipat. The building begins in 1998 and is believed to be completed in 2008. Moreover, there is a gallery close by demonstrating Kositpipat’s paintings. From the city of Chiang Rai drive, north through Asia Highway.

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Kok River
The Kok River is one of the breathtaking destinations in Chiang Rai. It is flowing from Thathon in northern Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai city and then gushes onwards to meet the Maekhong River at Chiang Khong. From Baan Thathon boats, rafting and trekking run along everyday taking a chance into the encompassing mountains where the jungle soaks into the river's cool waters. Long-tailed boats are available to visitors who want to sail up and down the river. Stopping is possible at Akha or Iko, Lisu and Karen hill tribe villages. As a matter of choice, stops can be also arranged at the Buddha cave, at thea temple inside a cavern, an elephant camp, for trekking, a hot spring, and a riverside Lahu village.

park north tour cheaphotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotelDoi Mae Salong
Doi Mae Salong is the place of Santi Khiri village, a community established by the previous Chinese 93rd Division who transferred from Myanmar to take up residence on Thai territory in 1961. The village eventually became popular for its captivating surroundings and serene ambience. Presently it is a major tourist destination with its small-town environment, delectable native Chinese cuisines, small hotels and guesthouses providing to visitors and tea, coffee plus fruit tree plantations. The surroundings are exceptionally attractive and striking in December and January when sakuras are in perfections. Taking off in all directions with countless hill tribe villages, Doi Mae Salong is best for trekking.

golden triangle north packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tourGolden Triangle
A journey to Chiang Rai province will not be satisfying without catching a glimpse in the prominent Golden Triangle with your own bare eyes! A well-known border place where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar connect on the Mekong River, which in the past was presumed to be the heart of all the poppy fields' development in Thailand.

Traveling around 9 kilometers north of old town Chiang Saen by the road alongside to the Mekong River will take you to the place where the borders of Thailand, Myammar and Laos are combined. A range where the Mekong River connects the Ruak River natively called as "Sop Ruak". This location has many ancient places and structures undoubtedly indicating that people inhabited the place in the past. It is also the spot where different stories of the past to Lanna ancestors stem from.

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