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phitsanulokar hotel thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetourAside from its incomparable unspoiled beauty, Phitsanulok offers tourists the chance to discover popular episodes of Thailand's history. For instance, Phitsanulok comprises proof of an antediluvian civilizations existing between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago, consisting of ancient stone axes.

Phitsanulok prevailed being under rule of both kingdoms of Sukhothai (1238-1378 C.E.) and Ayutthaya (1350-1767 C.E.). Exceptionally, it performed an imperative character in the Ayutthaya epoch when it transformed into the Kingdom’s royal capital for 25 years in the time of the administrations of King Borom Trailokanat.

Phitsanulok was likewise the place of origin of King Naresuan the Great (R. 1590-1605), the phenomenal and remarkable King who acknowledged Ayutthaya’s emancipations from Burma in 1584. King Naresuan is famous for his triumphant and conscientiousness in unaccompanied encounter on an elephant-back in opposition of the Burmese Crown Prince.

At one time previously called Song Khwae, two rivers, Phitsanulok is located in the middle of the Nan and Khwae Noi rivers. Both of them are simultaneously imperative places among Thailand’s central plains, northern mountains, and northeastern highlands. Phitsanulok is consequently a typical destination and a perfect sanctuary for travelers desiring to discover the lower north and western northeast. Nevertheless, Phitsanulok is more than barely a layover for tourists; it is a province with a number of attractive contingencies. While many of Phitsanulok's landscapes are level lands, one third of the region encompasses mountains in the north and east, where national parks and waterfalls are waiting to be discovered.

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Main attractions:
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Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat
Called by locals as "Wat Yai", the compound is contemplated the most substantial temple in Phitsanulok. Dwelling place of Thailand's well-known Phra Phutthachinnarat, Wat Yai is situated at the foot of Naresuan Bridge. The temple was constructed at the time of the administrations of Phra Maha Thamma Racha I (Phraya Lithai) in 1357.

Phra Phutthachinnarat is home to excellent Buddha representation. The huge Sukhothai-designed bronze statue was formed in 1357, by the command and permission of King Maha Thamma Racha I of Sukhothai. The figure‘s unequaled characteristics are the blaze like ring of light, a representation of spiritual resplendence. In 1931, King Ekatotsarot (King Naresuan's younger brother) demanded a gold covering of the image, making it superior and splendid against the dark background.

Aside from Phra Buddha Chinnarat, there are many Buddha images which are excellent for viewing. Phra Attharot is, a standing Buddha statue formed, in a similar way as Phra Phutthachinnarat, located in the forefront of the large Phra Prang (pagoda) at the back of the Viharn.
A 36-metre high Phra Prang was constructed in the beginning of the Ayutthaya period. There is a flight of steps guiding up to the destinations where relic of the Lord Buddha is hold as sacred.

mountain hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacationPhu Hin Rong Kla National Park
Phu Hin Rong Kla is a unique and unmatched national park with a great panoramic views and historical locations. The Park is stretching a total area of 191,875 rai of land (76,750 acres) and is rests around 130 kilometers away from Phitsanulok city. It can be approached by going to Highway no. 12 and turning left at 68th kilometer marker into Highway no. 2013, a road going to Nakhon Thai District.

The park area is frequently camouflaged with copious green forests, various amazing waterfalls, and a boundless plain of rocks with cracks. The uppermost peak of the park is 1,617 meters above ocean surface. Aside from unspoiled environments, the park provides possibilities to discover several of its historical destinations, which familiarize the visitors about the history of national political disagreements.

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