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Satun is a little province in the south of Thailand that borders Malaysia and overlooks the Andaman Sea. The province has an outstanding pulchritudinous Tarutao Island with flourishing forests and mountainous land. Great numbers of locals are Muslim. Situated 973 kilometers from Bangkok, and occupies an area of 2,478 square kilometers with 80 kilometers of coastline.

satun south tour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel packagetour thailandMost visitors proceed directly to the immaculate islands of Tarutao National Park. Its panorama is of fantastic beaches, serene and pleasant coves, dense jungle and mangrove quagmire. Snorkeling is possible at Ko Lipe Island.

There are many  fascinating attractions consisting of, Dove farms, forest parks, and big waterfalls. Thale Ban National Park is renowned for its bountiful wildlife, with vast number of waterfalls and caves worth visiting. If you want to get close to nature on your vacation in Thailand, this is one of the ideal places in the country you can visit.

Main Attractions:

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Satun National Museum
Satun National Museum is literally a 20th century palace constructed the local prince to domicile King Rama V at the time of a royal visit. Constructed in European fashion the framework has been re-established and its rooms have been organized to give a exceptionally perfect inaugurations to the traditions and values of people of the Thai-Muslim South.

Khao Phaya Wang
A limestone outcrop alongside to Khlong Bambang. At the peak of Khao Phaya Wang, there are panoramas of the twisty green klong, rice fields and coconut orchard. As a substitute, visitors can take a cruise on the encompassing waters and view the myriad marine life.

langkawi island south thailand traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetourLangkawi Island
Langkawi is located over the marine border of Malaysia but only 15 kilometers away from Satun. Langkawi is rapidly becoming Malaysia's preferred holiday destination. In addition, it has a peaceful ambience you will not find in Phuket or Koh Samui.

National Marine Parks
Satun's two major Marine Parks, Koh Turatao and the Petra Islands, are categorized as the most magnificent and statuesque destination in Thailand. Still untouched by the commercial tourist industry, these groups of islands have little rivalry when it comes to tranquility and, serene environments experienced through an awe-inspiring virgin beauty.

Tarutao National Park
Thailand’s original National Marine Park inaugurated in 1974, made up of some 51 islands to the west of Satun. It is 40 kilometers from Satun district and 22 kilometers from Bara Pier. This park continues to be one of the most untouched and admirable coastal areas in Thailand.

Koh Turatao
The humongous of the islands, Turatao is a mountainous place with many canals, confined bays and unsophisticated beaches. The principal island of Tarutao had operated before as a jail for convicts, but now visitors can walk through pathways to beaches and cliffs. Visitors can visit the ruined prisons at Ao Talo Udang, on the southern tip of island and at Ao Talowao, on the middle of east coast.

koh turatao beach packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tour

Koh Adang
Koh Adang itself is an assortment of small islands and its main attraction is the crystalline waters and coral reef compositions. The unspoiled marine life seen around the islands is a captivating blend of tropical fish, lobster, porcupines and stingrays. Koh Adang is also a great destination to collect hued shells.

Koh Rawi
A miniature Island that has absolutely unblemished beaches is Koh Rawi. This miniature island has an absolutely great set of beaches.

Koh Lipeh
Homestead to the sea gypsies of Satun. These astonishing people live in stilt houses made of bamboo and have various "God-offering" traditions that composed of including a peculiar dance believed to keep away evil spirits.

Koh Dong, Koh Lek, Koh Kland
These three little islands are fundamentally unmoved untouched and have outstanding beaches.

Ko Phetra National Marine Park
The park is approximately located in two provinces, namely Satun and Trang. It  is composed of a long coastline from Amphoe Langu to Amphoe Thung Wa and various offshore islands that consist of  Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lalobaentae, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon,Ko Laoliang, and Ko Perama. Boats to these islands are accessible from the Pak Bara Pier. Ko Kao Yai, the biggest in the group, boasts has various untouched beaches appropriate for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, camping, and the famous Rock Castle.

Koh Khoakoh khoa beach hotel packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel tour
The likeness of Ko Khoa has a similarity to a castle and has a uncultivated stone portal formation protruding into the sea.

Hat Rawi
An outstanding destination for camping, lined with casuarinas trees.

Bulone Islands
The major attraction of Bulone is the kaleidoscopic marine life in the crystalline waters. Visitors can see abundant tropical species consisting of tiger fish and heterogeneous kinds of starfish, all living throughout the coral.

Koh Bo Jet Look
Labeled as the “Seven Well Island", the beaches on "Koh Bo" have excellent fine-grained sand and several small fishing villages.

Khao To Ya Kong
This little hill is located close to the City Hall. Regardless of its Chinese name, the spirit housed there is Muslim and myriad of people go to pay devotion regularly. The hill has a cliff with a cave and over the cave is the mosque of the Muslim spirit.

Thale Ban National Park
Thale Ban is a lagoon encompassed by mountains. There are many kinds of tropical fish. Nam Tok Panan
This waterfall has 10 levels surrounded by forest. It is very satisfactory for sightseeing.

Snorkeling, Diving, Scuba Diving Camping, Bird Watching, Nature trail, Canoeing, Kayaking, and many more.

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