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The biggest province of the South, situated 685 kilometers away from Bangkok, Surat Thani, which means "City of the Good People". A previous capital of the Indonesian Srivijaya Empire, Surat Thani continues to be a vivacious city that at the same time is a commercial and transportation center and a place with abundant historical and cultural destinations. It is one of those places you'd want to include on your vacation in Thailand.

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Surat Thani Province blanketing an area of relatively 13,000 square kilometers of high plateaus and wooded mountains in the west of the province that vanishes to low catch area throughout the eastern coast. This highland topography has produced 14 river catch falls, all of which runeast of the province to the Gulf of Thailand. Nearly all visitors to Surat Thani proceed to the Gulf, where they can see the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and the Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park.

Main attractions:

Our travel agency in Thailand highly recommends the following places to visit...

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok is the living place by extraordinary wildlife comprising of wild elephants, leopards, serow, banteng, gaur, dusky langurs, tigers and Malayan sun bears. Bird enthusiasts will be captivated upon visiting, as there are more than 180 bird kinds to catch and visitors will enjoy the surroundings.
Uncommon flora is discovered within nature, specifically to the south of the park where native plants consisting of lianas, bamboo, ferns and giant rattan, of more than 10cm. in diameter, can be found. To make it perfect, the bua phut is possibly, what visitors to Khao Sok expected to catch a glimpse at the most. Bua Phut or Rafflesia Kerry Meyer, a flower that can exclusively be discovered in Khao Sok, distinguishes itself as the biggest flower all over the world. When in total bloom, the Bua Phut is relatively 80 centimeters in diameter. The flower is an originally parasitic plant with no roots that common plants possess, but depending on the roots of jungle vascular plants to live on. The perfect season to visit Bua Phut is from October to December, when they are in total flourishing stage. Reach or drop by at the park’s headquarters for a local escort. Note that a 5-8 hour trekking is involved and mandatory to have a close encounter with this extraordinary flower. Nevertheless, there are available photographs of Bua Phut in the headquarters’ office, with details and important information written about the ecological structures of the park.

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This National Park is composed of just about 40 islands, approximately 20 kilometers or two hours by boat northwest of Ko Samui. The park is spread on area of  250 square kilometers; relatively one fifth is the land mass. The most alluring islands consist of Ko Wua Ta Lap, Ko Mae Ko, Ko Prayat, Ko Sam Sao, Ko Nai Put and Ko Wua Te. Many islands contain limestone masses extending heights of up to 400 meters, and surrounded by beaches and rain forest.
An emerald saltwater lake is distinguished, as the Tha-le Nai (Inland Sea) on Ko Mae Ko is with panoramic destination, and involving a gentlebut full of effort climb.  The outcome panoramas are priceless.  Another well know destination is Ko Sam Sao where a coral reef and a wide rock arch provide a scenic enthrallments.

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