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Koh Phi Phi

As one of the leading island in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi provides at the same time five-star resorts and low cost beach living quarters, and a couple of decent nightlife spots. The Ko Phi Phi Island is a perfect destination for beach holiday with background of fascinating and unspoiled surroundings. Visitors love to do scuba diving snorkeling, and rest in a hammock, enjoying the warm weather. Koh Phi Phi has a beach that will go beyond your expectations. Travelers are in for an awe-inspiring vacation in Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi is the combined name for a small archipelago in Krabi Province, approximately an hour boat journey from Phuket. Recognized as the 'jewels of the Andaman Sea', there are six islands in Mu Koh Phi Phi-Nopparathara National Park consisting of Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island , Yung Island , Bida Nok, and Bida Nai. Local people settled only at Phi Phi Don. Many others are unimproved and conserved by their National Park quality and often visited as day tours from Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi Don.

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Main attractions:

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Bamboo Island
Bamboo Island (Koh Pai) close toPhi Phi Island is definitely one of the several tourist places that a tourist wants to visit on Phi Phi Island. All the islands have great places surrounding the area with a stunning natural beauty to offer. Bamboo Island is no exemption. The place is unpopulated, and because of this, the island has the immaculate, natural beaches that are well known to man. That created Bamboo Island one of Phi Phi’s most serene destinations.

loh bagao bay thailand packagetour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tourLoh Bagao Bay
Loh Bagao Bay is huge and excellent for a different assortment of water sports activities.

Laem Tong Beach
Laem Tong Beach acknowledged as "the best" beach on Phi Phi Island and stretches out to the north of the island. An astonishing beach that is perfect for snorkeling or diving.

Long Beach
Some other "best" ranked beach on Phi Phi Island is the Long Beach. The Long Beach is situated on the southern most type of Phi Phi Island, and is distinguished for its plentiful coral beds and a top-notch diving destination.

Loh Dalum
Loh Dalum Bay is a genuine promise land. It is quiescent and positioned 2 minutes afar from Tonsai Bay.

Tides On Phi Phi
There is nearly a three-meter tide as the water progress in outside of the Andaman Ocean and flows up into the Phang Nga Bay in the north.
The biggest spring tides are at the equinoctial circle (March & September) and can reach up to about 5 meters high. At low tide, all the coral reef forefront of Tonsai Village is visible encouraging the local families to gather up all the harmless and nutritious shells.

The Loh Bagao and Lannah Bays
Visualize a coconut beach in Shangri-La enveloped by mountain cliffs and hills on one portion and in between the chartreuse sea of the Phang Nga Bay on the other part. This is the Loh Bagao and Lannah Bays. This is one of Phi Phi’s unique secrets.

loh dalum bay traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour thailandLoh Dalum Bay
Loh Dalum is also ranked as one of Phi Phi Island’s most outstanding beaches. Loh Dalum Bay is the northern beach of the well-known dumbbell formation of land. It is one of Thailand’s leading beaches. Climbing the nearby hill for an excellent viewpoint is recommended

Monkey Beach
Monkey Beach is yet another beautiful spot for all those looking for uniqueness from one beach to the next. Sunbathing and ,swimming with great  landscapes will give visitors the amazements at how Mother Nature created this magnificent island the way it use to now.

Koh Yung Island or Mosquito Island
Koh Yung Island or Mosquito Island is close by Phi Phi Don Island and is an excellent destination for a morning tour. Scores of holiday adventurers take morning tour to close by islands to experience the beautiful surroundings of the outstanding sights of Phi Phi. Many overlooked Mosquito Island for the reason it is a small-secluded island; however it is one of Phi Phi's genuine wealth.
Long tail boats can bring visitors from one island to next. Divers will definitely fall in love with this island, and will be coming back to Koh Yung Island or Mosquito Island for more exciting sea adventures. This fantastic island has some striking diving spot that divers keep coming back.
Snorkeling is the leading diving activity on Mosquito Island. Visitors will discover some well-maintained and surprising coral gardens. It is a good idea to have an underwater camera to shot many impressive photographs in this tremendous underwater haven.

koh phi phi beach suoth cheaphotel hotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacationKoh Phi Phi Don  
or Koh Phi Phi Don was immediately announced as one of the most desired holiday destination all over the world. Most popular with travelers from Europe, Japan and South East Asia, this phenomenal island is the largest of the Phi Phi islands. People from around the world hang out to this island to take pleasure in its profuse flabbergast surroundings, sounds, and tastes.
Phi Phi Don can be reached by boat, ferry or water taxi from Phuket and Krabi Province. The journey from Phuket is relatively 90 minutes long and transport visitors to Tonsai Bay. In addition, morning-trippers and holiday adventurers loved this unimaginable island with the highest crowd of the people being there in between 10am and 3pm practically every day.

Phi Phi Don is approximately 6 miles long and 2.5 miles wide and in the formation of a dumbbell. The island is primarily a mountain and has a very flat even land for improvements that make it an astonishing and beautiful holiday destination with jungle and coconut shaded cliffs and slopes. Around Phi Phi Don are crystalline waters many of tropical marine species, coral reefs and an unforgettable scenic lands and

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