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Khao Lak

khao lak soth vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand travelerKhao Lak, an hour-drive north of Phuket and is a great destination for amazing, natural beaches. Khao Lak is not a hustle and bustle destination, a mega-shopping haven or anything remotely similar to Patong, Patpong and Pattaya. Actually Khao Lak, it is neither about beaches nor quietness., Khao Lak's approximation to excellent diving destination is an influential attraction for scuba aficionado and with sceneries of rainforest and various marvelous national parks, nature enthusiast are on the right track.

It is not an island, but with miles of natural beaches unfolding along with you, Khao Lak has the entire perfection of a relinquished island getaway, without the island-like expenses.

Arranging a picnic on the beach, with sound of splashing weaved in the background is a great experience. While every beach has sufficient supplies of sun, sand, and surf, and all of the visitors enjoys relax ambience at Khao Lak. Travelers will surely enjoy a refreshing vacation in Thailand.


Main Attractions:

There are plenty of places or spots to visit in Khao Lak, make sure to let our travel agency in Thailand know your choices...we'll fix an incredible island-package the way you like it.

Bang Niang Beach
The second most crowded beach is Bang Niang, where several long-tails boats dawdle about in the sea, a small group of resorts face the beach, and vital but affordable Thai restaurants and massage huts, with paradise excellent vistas are placed on the small sand hill.

khao lak beach soth traveler thailand vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetourKhao Lak Beach
Woods and waves amalgamate at the southernmost beach in Khao Lak. Impressive trees with branches extending  over at the sea make this beach a unique view. Please be advice that there are no beach chairs available, no strolling merchants, and no resorts are available within close proximity of the beach.

Khuk Khak Beach
Khuk Khak Beach, with only a few resorts, is a beach that you can claim for yourself. There are very few people visiting this beach, making it a perfect spot for quiet, relaxing time.

Nang Thong Beach - La On Village
This is the most popular beach, with half a dozen resorts catering to tourists. The sea view pools at those resorts explain why most visitors do not actually make it all the way to the sand.

Pakarang Cape
Covered with scattered shells and damage coral, it is not much of a sun-tanner place, and nonetheless it is fascinating.Easily reached by car or motorbike, and undoubtedly not crowded.

Pakweeb Beach
Few of Khao Lak's most splendid resorts are on Pakweeb (pronounce as Pak-weep).The beach is gorgeous. National park warnings mean no motorboats, a reality so pleasant that visitors will have a difficulty to look for a more serene destination.

lampi waterfall thailand hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour traveler vacationLampi Waterfall
Lampi is located about 30 minutes south of Khao Lak on Highway 4 at the Km 33 sign. An awesome, three-level waterfall, perfectly witnessed in the early morning or late afternoon, the falls are an easy short stroll from the car park, offering easy access. The water at the falls is also deep and visitors can swim in a covered spot.

Pakweep (Sai Rung) Waterfall
This approachable waterfall of Khao Lak is located approximately north of Bang Niang. Local people also call it the Sai Rung, which means rainbow  waterfall and a beautiful and rejuvenating nippy spot to hang out. The fall is positioned near to the car park, without any difficulties for visually impaired or elderly. Admission is free.

Khao Lak Diving
Khao Lak is the entryway to several top diving destinations in southern Thailand. It has the benefits of being in nearby closeness than to adjoining Phuket.  

Khao Lak Hiking & Trekking
Hiking is possible all over in Khao Lak/Laem Ru National Park close by Sri Phang Nga National Park and Thai Muang National Park. The parks provide immeasurable sightseeing advantages for nature lovers, protecting many of exotic plants and wildlife in the middle of landscape that consists of beaches, hills, mountains, forested valleys, mangroves and estuaries.

Snorkeling Trips, Diving, Kayaking, Night Fishing, Mountain Trekking, Riding Elephant, Thai Cooking Class, and many other exciting adventures awaiting every visitor at Khao Lak!

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