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Similan Islands

The Koh Similan Islands, situated about 50 kilometers West of Khao Lak, are nine granite islands surrounded by a crystal blue-sky tropical ocean and several of the world’s outstanding beaches.

Koh Similan is a Yawi or Malay word meaning ‘nine’ or a ‘group of nine islands’. In 1982, these 128 square kilometers area was proclaimed a Marine National Park, and in succeeding years this group of nine small islands has evolved as one of the prime destinations and attractions for visitors to Southern Thailand.

similan islands hotel vacation cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand travelerKoh Similan is the biggest island above the nine islands that create an archipelago. The sea in the region has an ordinary depth of 60 feet. Subsurface is brimming of rock formations and coral reefs in various shapes and figures, looking like such things as deer, leaves, brains, and mushrooms.

Over the water, visitors will discover many different kinds of species consisting of Nicobar Pigeon, Mangrove Monitor Lizards and many more.

The nine Koh Similan Islands named from South to North:
Koh Similan Island #1 - The Southernmost Island is Koh Huyong. Koh Similan Island #2 - Koh PayangKoh Similan Island #3 - Koh Payan Koh Similan Island #4 - Koh Miang Koh Similan Island #5 - Koh Ha Koh Similan Island #6 - Koh Payu Koh Similan Island #7 - Koh Hin Pousar Koh Similan Island #8 - Koh Similan Koh Similan Island #9 - Northernmost islands is Koh Bangu .

"Similan" derives from the Sea Gypsies. They verbalized a language similar to Malay and refer to this area as “The Nine Islands” (is “nine” in Malay). They categorized the islands by names in Thai and a number. The islands attained National Park status in 1981 and therefore all islands are protected out under Thai law.

The National Park Authority upholds a residential center for Park Rangers and back up staff on two of the islands. Koh Similan (Island #8) that is the biggest Island and Koh Miang (Island #4), that stretches halfway via the chain. These are the solely dwellers permitted on the islands, accepting the overnight visitors.

Concurrently, the islands have become peculiar concern of the Thai Royal Family that promotes assurance of protection to this National fortune. The Princess has had a "cabin" constructed on Island #4 and sojourns nearly every year.

similan islands south cheaphotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation hotelThe Koh  Similan Islands are renowned for holding several of the most beautiful beaches, snorkeling dive destinations in Thailand, and are one of the most desired  places for diving all over the  world. One of the most magnificent features of the islands is that there are two completely distinct kinds of milieu in one destination.

The rocky slopes of the Western Islands are desolate and features monolithic boulders and trees. The Eastern side highlights the popular white sand beaches and coral reefs.

It is indeed an ideal island for a vacation in Thailand.

Main Attractions:

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Koh Huyong
Koh Huyong has the most elongated and broadest beach in the park. Nevertheless, the park forbids any tourists from disembarking on the island, because the beach is a place where turtles come to lay their eggs.

ko similan national park south vacation thailand traveler hotel cheaphotel tour packagetourThe Koh Similan National Park
The Koh Similan National Park is renowned for its dive spots. It has commonly two distinctive kinds of diving. East side diving comprise of lightly sloping coral reefs with sandy speckles and the casual rocks in the middle. The west side is known for its large underwater granite boulders.

East of Eden
Perhaps the most illustrious east side dive spot is East of Eden, of Island number # 7.

Elephant head rock
Elephant head rock is undoubtedly the most popular west- side diving spot. Elephant head rock was named by Horst Hinrichs from Germany in the mid 70s, the founder of one of the pioneer dive shops in Phuket, the Santana Diving.

Richelieu Rock
Another significant dive destination in Koh Similan that is really part of Surin National Park is Richelieu Rock, popular for its extraordinary assortments and profuse marine life. Whale sharks are common at this place.

Koh Bon (Bon Island)koh bon hotel tour packagetour thailand traveler vacation cheaphotel
With no beach and no dwelling place, this is still an island to see. Dynamite fishing had dismantled a portion of the island’s coral earlier, before it become part of the National Park. It still carries several impressive backdrops. This is also the most ordinary destination for watching Manta Rays.

Koh Tachai (Tachai Island) Tachai Island
The Koh Tachai (Tachai Island) Tachai Island is situated at the northern most peak of the park. There is a pulchritudinous white fine-grained sand beach on the island. There are various destinations qualifying for scuba diving. Moreover, there are different reefs fitted for snorkeling. Whale sharks and Manta Rays are commonly found here throughout theseasons. A facility consists of a freshwater source, camping grounds, a restaurant and small boats for snorkeling.

Other renowned dive destinations comprise of North Point, Deep Six, Boulder City and the awe-inspiring summits of Koh Bon and Koh Tachai.

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