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Surin Islands

Mu Koh Surin National Park, located some 60 km off the west coast of Phang Nga province, and 100 km north of the Koh Similans, is an archipelago of 5 islands namely Koh Surin Nuea, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Khai, and Koh Klang. Outstanding diving, snorkeling, hiking and fishing are what many visitors wish to do here. It is an excellent place for a tranquil vacation in Thailand.

koh surin tour hotel cheaphotel packagetour thailand traveler vacationThe primary island of Koh Surin Nuea has various bays, the biggest being Ao Mae Yai on the southwest, which is characterized by a peaceful waters and safe mooring. Coral reefs with abundant marine life are found in Ao Luek, in the southeast. Ao Mai Ngam is where the National Park's office is located. Ao Chak at the north of Koh Surin Nuea is a lovely bay of immaculate coral reefs. There are five islands located  near the border of Burma at the Northern end of the Thai coastline. The Koh Surin Tai Island is covered by jungle wrapping granite outcrops and encompassed with 30 meters deep coral reefs.In this matter, the Royal Forest Department is against the any improvements of the islands and suggested the formation of a National Park to preserve the area.

Mu Koh Surin was finally categorized as the 29th National Park of Thailand on 9th July 1981. Sea Gypsies live in the southern Mu Koh Surin Island and Ko Surin Tai. These peculiar sea people are known as "chao naam" or "chao le", which means water people. They live in a very archaic life style on houseboats. It seems that time does not concern these people much, as none of them knows their own age. They also cannot count anything more but numbers on their fingers. Nevertheless, they are considerably creative and resourceful in their own little ways. They can construct an ocean boat by utilizing only the most common tools, fish by hand, and are popular for their ability as deep divers without needing scuba equipment.

The Mu Koh Surin Archipelago is exceptionally known for its outstanding diving and snorkeling spots. Mu Koh Surin is near to the marine borderline in the middle of Myanmar and Thailand. The two major destinations within the National Park are Mu Koh Surin Islands and the Sea Gypsies.

Main Attractions:

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mu koh surin hotel traveler vacation cheaphotel tour packagetour thailandRichelieu Rock
Mu Koh Surin's ace card is Richelieu rockRock a little submerged rock about 18 kilometers east of Mu Koh Surin. Richelieu Rock is only revealed at the low water flow. In this manner, it is a navigational danger for those boats not equipped with a GPS navigation system. Categorized as one of the most excellent destination in all over the world for swimming, these waters are abundant in exotic marine life, including, the whale shark. Close encounters with these fish, the largest of all fish, are an extraordinary experience.

Ao Tao (Tao Bay)
Close to coral line of Tao Bay situated on the eastern part of South Mu Koh Surin Island, is a resting place of many sea turtles. This magnificent coral is quite far away at great distance from headquarters, approximately 2 kilometers away.

Ao Pak Chak (Pak Chak Bay)
Pak Chak Bay is situated on the southern part of the South Mu Koh Surin. Island has an outstanding kaleidoscopic coral line. It is at great distance from headquarters, practically around 5 kilometers away.

Ko Pachumba (Pachumba Island)
Pachumba Island or Mang Kon Island has Mang Kon Beach, situated on the eastern portion of the Island. It is at great distance from headquarters relatively 5 kilometers.

Ao Mai Ngam (Mai Ngam Bay)
Mai Ngam Bay, situated on the western portion of the North Mu Koh Surin Island, is at a great distance from headquarters, about 2 kilometers away. Visitors can get there by means of walking within the trail of Mai Ngam Natural Studies or by jumping on a long tailed boat. There is a clear water and beach recommended for swimming and coral sightseeing.

surin islandthailand packagetour traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tourKo Torinla (Torinla Island)
Island is situated on the southern part of the South Mu Koh Surin Island. On the eastern side of the island, there is a stunning coral line that is very appropriate for snorkeling. This island is at a great distance from headquarters almost 6 kilometers.

Ao Chak (Chak Bay)
Chak Bay situated on the northern part of North Mu Koh Surin Island has a superlative and astonishing coral line. It is a long way from headquarters nearly 10 kilometers.

Ao Suthep (Suthep Bay)
Suthep Bay is situated in the south of Mu Koh Surin island, it is a perfect destination for those who wish to do night diving. Visitors can enjoy the coral reef sighting here. It is not far away from headquarters.

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