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Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a little island in the Southern part of the Andaman Sea, situated at Satun Province near to Langkawi Island (Malaysia).

beach koh lipe cheaphotel traveler vacation hotel tour packagetour thailandKoh Lipe is a piece of the Tarutao National Marine Park, a huge group of more than 70 islands. Koh Lipe belongs to part of islands known as the Butang Islands approximately 60 kilometers / 38 miles off the shore. The name "Koh Lipe" has a meaning of paper Island in the native Chao Ley language.

There are 3 major beaches on Koh Lipe consisting of Pattaya Beach, Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach. The first mentioned is the most famous and has a huge assortment of places to stop, drink and eat. Sunrise Beach has actually not many resorts and a little Chao Ley (Sea Gypsies) Village with few common needs shops and tiny eateries. Sunset beach is very small and only has a few places to hang around. It a traveler's paradise when on a vacation in Thailand.

Main attractions:

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Ao Phante Malaka
 This is headquarters part where Tarutao National Park Office is situated. It is the assistance center for all tourist information and there is at the same time a presentation area about nature and valuable history of Tarutao. Ao Phante Malaka has an extended smooth white sand beach and it likewise provides a great sunset view. From this area, visitors can stroll to the view spot, known as Pha To Bu or To Bu Cliff. It is 60 meter high above the sea level. It requires only 20 minutes walking from Phante Malaka to this excellent view place. From Pha To Bu, visitors can see Ko Bu Lhone, Ko Klang, Ko Khai, Ko Adang, Ko Ravee and Phetra National Park.

Ao Chak
Ao Chak is a little and unaggressive bay adjacent to Ao Phante Malaka. This bay is an excellent destination for tranquility and peaceful surroundings.

Ao Mo Lae
Ao Mo Lae is approximately 4 km. from the park’s headquarters. It has a very pleasant white sand beach with exquisite coconut orchard.

Ao Son
Ao San has a camping area with food and beverage amenities for tourists who want to experience a real nature. Little waterfalls found here include Namtok Ludu and Namtok Lopo (Namtok means waterfall). This bay is a great destination for forest trekking and nature exploring. Ao Son is relatively 8 km from the park’s headquarters.

Ao Talo Wao
Situated on the East coast of the island, it is perfect area for witnessing a lovely sunrise. There used to be a prison on this island in the past. At this moment, the groups working on a project of the park have reestablished the building of the detention confinement to give brief knowledge to tourists about the history of this island.

Ao Talo Udang
The Ao Talo Udang is positioned on the southern part of Tarutao Island and relatively 8 km from Ko Langawi. This side previously in time was used for political detainees. The excellent and impressive attraction of this bay is the perpendicular boulder at the boundary of the bridge.

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