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Koh Tao

The small island of Koh Tao ("Turtle Island"), 45 km north of Koh Phangan, is one of the best ranked scuba diving attraction in Thailand, and one of the best spots in the world. The shallow, crystalline waters of Koh Tao provide abundant marine life and corals. These are definitely to gratify and please all neophytes and experienced divers as well, specifically as the island alone is so breathtaking and the ambience on Koh Tao is so very much untroubled that everyone has feeling at ease the whole time. In addition, the island is at the area of substantial breeding places for Hawksbill and Green turtles. Ko Tao is a great place for diving exercises in company of turtles.

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Every common tourist feels grateful and enjoys the astonishing charms of Koh Tao.  Most of the time visitors are consuming their days and times at the ocean by taking a boat journey in the surroundings of the island to see Koh Tao’s abundant magnificent beaches and impressive bays. Hiking to the crowning point of the island, learning yoga, or just settling back in a hammock and appreciating the view of nearby Koh Nang Yuan, an astounding attraction in its own originality, are all among activities that tourist enjoy most. It is definitely a place to go when on a vacation in Thailand.

Main attractions:

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Turtle Island's Dive Sites
This well-known travelers’ island has been known ever since as a great place for, scuba dive training. This has been continually the reason because of the very economical costs for diving in Koh Tao, but at the same time, the another reason is the innumerable shallow bays that make great training spot for beginner divers.

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Ao Leuk is one specific bay with comfortable, attainable scuba diving on Koh Tao. It is best suggestion for new comers or people who stopped diving for a quite some time and need refresher training. The bay positioned on the south side of the island.

White Rock
White Rock situated halfway in the middle of Koh Tao's Mae Haad Pier and Koh Nang Yuan. The place is very alike to Twins, consisting of 2 big rocks that are only a few meters away from each other. Smaller rocks and coral compositions encompass the large stone tablets. The site is by comparison not difficult with the highest depth of around 20 meters. The major attraction of this Koh Tao diving spot is Trevor the Triggerfish, which is famous as the most belligerent triggerfish around.

Shark Island
Shark Island is a little rock island on the southeast side of Koh Tao. The east part is most enthralling with its big rock formations. Many kinds of reef fish are found around the island. On the south part at 14 meters is a squishy coral garden on a substratum of rocks. Every now and then visitors can discover leopard sharks and turtles. Moreover, sometimes there can be forceful current at Shark Island, either coming from the southeast or northwest.

Green Rock
Green Rock is distinguished by a spectacular labyrinth of swim through, little caves, crescendo and crack or gap put together by the extremely large granite rocks that are commonly found in Koh Tao. The area of the island is situated in the middle of Koh Tao and its adjoining island Koh Nang Yuan and stretches in depth on approximately 5 to around 32 meters. Considerable portion of marine life can be discovered here, wrapping in the cracks and under rocks consisting of moray eels, grouper, puffer fish, batfish, blue-ring angelfish, blue damselfish, sea snakes, and many more.
Always a forceful current here makes it a fantastic place for free-wheeled diving and for that, reason the dive is not recommend for the beginner divers. The site is also a procreation ground for yellow margin and titan triggerfish, so visitors without a doubt will experience close encounter, but draw near carefully if attempting get near their breeding ground in the sand to the north of the area.

Hin Wong Pinnacle
Hin Wong Pinnacle is possibly the most excellent and without a doubt, the most distinctive dive spot on Koh Tao Island. It is a colossal granite rock situated on the northern part of Hin Wong Bay; the north portion is very pulchritudinous with corals and black corals. Black and blue damselfish will give visitors a lively welcome during dive in the water. By going to the bottom, divers are likely to encounter small groups of razor fish swimming aimlessly.
Diving in the shallower area unravels forests of Christmas tree worms attached to the rocklike coral reef. There are white-eyed moray eels covering in the rock and some big groupers as well. . Diver must look up to appreciate the schools of fusiliers or turtles swimming past.

Kayaking in Koh Tao
Visitors can rent a kayak and discover the coastline. A kayak is accessible for a cost through local operators at many beaches, or from visitor’s respective resorts. An hour and day rental is possible.

"Two Views"
A perfect place for strolling and hiking, there are many little walkways that surround the island and places of interest that visitors want to visits and uncover. Tourists can walk to Koh Tao's ultimate peak, "Two Views" in the heart of Sairee and Tanote. If a visitor gets tired of catching a taxi or long tail boat to Mae Haad is possible.

jor por ror beach traveler vacation hotel cheaphotel tour packagetour thailandJor Por Ror
Alternative destinations of interest involve Jor Por Ror, an extensive rock composition, with a carved symbol of King Rama V. The King came around the island in 1899.

Chalok Baan Kao
In addition, Chalok Baan Kao lovers recommend visiting one of the marvelous viewpoints spread throughout the island.

The John-Suwan Viewpoint is situated on a highest point of mountain at Chalok Baan Kao beach in the south. Labeled after two friends, who went to look for a perfect area to construct a home but not expecting to discover an excellent view spot looking at the two beaches very much alike to the one discovered at Phi Phi.

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