Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Traveling anywhere in the world is a very exciting experience. It opens each and every traveler to a new door of knowledge. But for every step we take or every second that comes by, we never know what can happen. Taking risk has its boundaries and it is very essential to know what can help you if ever face with danger or trouble in a foreign country.


Medical Care in Thailand

The cost of hospital treatment in Thailand can be quite expensive, without insurance it might hit you in the wallet hard. There are times when you don’t even have enough to cover the bills and that can lead to more problems. Of course if you will be treated for something serious, you won’t settle down for just a hospital…you’d want the best. An insurance policy can make your medical bills worry lighter or if ever…gone.

Emergency Return Flights (back to your country)

Even the smoothest trip can suddenly have a bump; there are plenty of cases where travelers must return home in advance of their actual flight back. It might be due to being sick or injured. In some situations, the traveler might need assistance from a medical professional for the trip back home. This can cost a lot of money but having the right insurance to cover such incident will at least take the burden of you.

Personal Possessions

It is important to get a good insurance policy covering any personal belongings which might get lost or stolen. You can’t expect for your things just to show right back up if you have left it somewhere or someone took advantage of it. There’s no assurance or certainty if it’ll ever be on your hands again.

Personal Liability

There are situations where you become involve in a serious scenario(s), like in bar brawl or you decided to take a motor bike and not wear a helmet or any events where you did something careless and might get in trouble with anyone. Having an insurance to cover personal liability will help you in cases like those mentioned.

Recreation & Activities

Standard or regular insurance policies do not include or cover water-sports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, white-water rafting, jet-skiing and other activities like elephant-back ride, ATV, go-carting etc… so if you are planning to take on a more adventurous trip in Thailand, make sure to choose the necessary insurance policy that will cover sports and activities.

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that when choosing an insurance policy to lay out all the necessary details to us, like if you have some medical conditions or anything related. Go thoroughly the guidelines and rules that we’ll present to you. A careful analyzing is needed to know which insurance is the right one for you. Don’t hesitate to ask us any doubts you’re having that might become a problem or conflict later on.  Discuss with our company whatever is relevant to your trip so that we can help you choose the best insurance policy needed.

For more information and explanation regarding our issuance of travel insurance, kindly send us your inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.